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ART VENTURES featuring Gadi Zamir

Gadi Zamir, is an Israeli-born, Cleveland-based artist, community activist, and founder of Negative Space Gallery. He uses the process of carving and burning wood to bring his art alive. The wood which he scavenges reveals the knots and grains of the wood that informs his stories and images to surface. He uses a blowtorch to create the iconic drawings, and fabric dyes to achieve the bold color. He is a symbolist, using skulls, birds, and other images that are political and part of his everyday inventory. He magically transforms them to tableau-constructions like altar pieces, shrines, transportation vehicles (like motorcycles) and other functional elements that furnish his collective gallery. These objects signify escape, freedom, and transformation.

Saturday morning artist presentations that take people directly to studios and art venues to discover a more in-depth insider look into the artist process and ideas. 

Art-Ventures will meet at YARDS Project Space to meet the artist(s) then we will head over to various locations in Cleveland for studio visit or gallery tour. These events are generally scheduled 10-noon. Coffee and bagels and BIG MOUTH donuts served.

We will head over to Gadi's studio at 11 to see more of his work and the Negative Space Gallery. It is located in the Asian Plaza on at 1541 E.38th Street, 2nd Floor Warehouse, Cleveland, OH